Homes with Boat Slips

Perhaps no single experience defines living in Florida more than the freeing feeling you get when you're steering your boat down the beautiful waterways. And, there’s no greater luxury than having immediate access to your boat with your very own boat slip in your backyard.

Investing in a home with a boat slip is a smart move—this single amenity can drastically increase the property value. Let’s explore why you should consider homes with boat slips, some of the best places in Florida to find one, and what you can expect from slip ownership.

Homes with Boat Slip Homes in Northwest Florida

Why Choose Homes with Boat Slips?

Luxurious Living

One of the hallmarks of luxury living is waterfront real estate, and access to the water. A private boat slip is an essential part of living the good life.

Highly Valuable

Docks and boat slips increase the value of your property by thousands—and in certain markets, the dock can be the most valuable part of the home!

Larger Footprints

Docks add additional square footage to your home and extra room for recreation. A dock increases your ability to spend more time outdoors.

Peace of Mind

Much like your home, a boat is a large investment. Rest easy knowing one of your beloved assets is safe and secure, right outside your door.

Ideal for Entertaining

Boating is a fun, social activity, and with your boat in your backyard, it’s easy to bring friends and family out onto Florida’s beautiful waters anytime.

Spotlight Boat Slips Communities


A crown jewel of living in Florida’s Panhandle, the Emerald Coast city of Destin offers residents easy waterfront access to the sparkling best the Gulf of Mexico has to offer.

Fort Walton Beach

You’ll find the deep sea fishing capital of Florida here in Fort Walton Beach. With residences along the shore, there’s ample seafaring adventures waiting for you here.

South Walton

With 16 acclaimed, unique beach neighborhoods, South Walton is a close-knit community known for its vast expanse of sugary white sand beaches and crystal waters.

The Details on Docks

Owning a home with a boat slip sounds wonderful—and it is! Just like any other feature of your home, there’s a few things to know when it comes to maintenance, inspections, and insurance.

Rules & Regulations

Before making your move, make sure to check with local ordinances, or any applicable homeowner's association rules, to find out what types of boats can be docked at the property. The most common types of regulations are around noise levels, size, and capacity.


Floating docks may need to be removed or relocated during the winter months, and lift docks should be winched up above summertime water levels. Permanent docks can withstand more inclement weather, but it’s important to know what kind of maintenance yours requires.

Insurance & Inspections

When purchasing a home with a boat slip, make sure you choose a home inspector that’s familiar with dock inspection and explains the regulations of your particular house. And, you may want to consider other structures coverage or personal property insurance coverage to protect your dock.


You don’t want your dream dock to become an unwanted headache. Boat slips can become a liability if they aren’t properly maintained, and owners are of course responsible for adequately securing the dock. Plus, children must be watched carefully when they’re on the dock area.

Ready to Set Sail in Florida?

When you’re ready to launch into your next home with a boat slip in Destin, Miramar Beach, or Santa Rosa Beach, The Ketchersid Team is here to guide you into safe harbor. Contact us at (850) 344-9848 for immediate assistance and we’ll find out what you’re looking for, what’s available, and how we can help.